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Dive Into the New Age of Client Service

Our Services

General Investment Account (GIA)

Investment into our technology never stops. We are committed to innovation and to ensuring that Universal is a platform fit for the future and well placed to meet your needs in an ever evolving industry. 

Our General Investment Account provides you and your clients with access to thousands of investment funds from around the world, various asset classes and subject to approval, the ability to add specific investment funds and other types of investment upon request. 

In an ever complex world, we see the need to keep things simple. Our straight forward charging structure represents fair value for you and your clients. For larger accounts of 500,000 USD or more, you and your clients will benefit from even further enhanced terms. 

Enhanced Term Account (ETA)

The Enhanced Term Account is designed to be fully embedded into your adviser business. Although, it can be used on demand as a solution for a specific client requirement. 

We understand that quality, choice and cost are important to your clients. It's for this very reason that we offer a vast universe of investment options, including that of negotiated  discounts on various investment funds, enhancing your clients overall value for money and the exclusivity of preferred terms with leading investment providers. 

Furthermore, it's why we offer a simple, straight forward pricing structure for our services. Your clients will pay the lowest portfolio charge available across our product range, which will apply to the entirety of their portfolio. 



 Model Portfolio Service Account

Our Model Portfolio Service is part of our suite of outsourcing solutions offered to Financial Advisers and is specifically designed to dovetail with your suitability processes.

Model Portfolios are a cost-effective way of accessing a diversified and actively managed portfolio of investments. They are designed to make it easier for you to help your clients achieve their investment objectives, taking into consideration their risk profile.

Hawksmoor’s twelve Model Portfolios are all run with a funds based approach. Our multi-manager investment process has been developed over many years to provide a robust, reliable and repeatable approach, and is designed to deliver superior long-term results.

Discretionary Private Client Account

Financial markets these days are very fast-moving: shares, exchange rates and commodity prices can all fluctuate dramatically on the smallest piece of news.

Keeping up with events that can impact your investment portfolio is, therefore, becoming ever more difficult and time-consuming. Using the services of a discretionary manager takes away the headache of constantly monitoring your portfolio, as it means that the manager, rather than the investor, takes the decision on what to buy and sell without seeking instruction from the investor.

It does not, however, mean that you give up all control of your portfolio. You shouldn’t think of discretionary investment management as something which will require you to be entirely passive. This is not the case at all. Rather, if you enter a discretionary investment management relationship you will be delegating the execution of an agreed overall investment strategy to someone with the right investment skills and experience, along with the backing of a full research team. You will still be well placed to see exactly what is being done with your money and how your wealth manager is performing against a target.

Your investment strategy will have been carefully worked out through a collaborative process of factors such as your long and mid term objectives; your true attitude to risk and capacity for loss; how any existing investments might be optimised and so on. Once your wealth manager has a full picture of your financial circumstances and goals, they will then create a portfolio for you.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

The best way to really understand the level of our service is to put us to the test. In this regard, we welcome any of our prospective partners scrutiny. We relish the opportunity to show you around our service proposition and provide the futuristic flavour that our prospective clients will experience when partnering with us. 

In fact, you’ll get a better taste of the no-nonsense, non-corporate approach that Universal is renowned for by taking the time to put us through our paces. But if geography or time doesn’t allow, we encourage you to take the time you need in exploring our solutions in a form that suits you, before you make a decision to use us.

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